We are excited to announce that Marpai has added Virta as a Premium Health Partner to help our members tackle diabetes with a scientifically backed, clinical solution. Virta is a leading medical treatment for diabetes and has been clinically shown to reverse Type 2 diabetes.

Instead of managing Type 2 diabetes with drugs, Virta enables members to reverse it completely with a different approach. Virta helps patients reduce their blood sugar below the diabetes threshold, while simultaneously discontinuing the use of costly drugs. With Virta:

  • 94% of patients taking insulin reduce or eliminate usage at one year, with much of these reductions occurring within weeks *
  • 60% of patients at one year are off all diabetes-specific drugs – patients are living diabetes-free. **
    If your company has selected Virta to be part of your health plan, members who have Type 2 diabetes may be eligible to join Virta as soon as January 1st.

*Virta clinical trial

**Hallberg SJ et al. Diabetes Therapy. 2018;9(2):583-612. For patients completing 1 year of treatment. Virta Health Registry for Remote Care of Chronic Conditions. Health and economic outcomes as of March 2019