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Marpai is the first third-party administrator (TPA) that is powered by deep
learning, the most advanced artificial intelligence.

Marpai is the first third-party administrator (TPA) that is powered by deep learning, the most advanced artificial intelligence.

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We radically improve the payer and claims processing experience while supporting greater patient volume for providers. Our SMART system connects providers, members, and employers in a streamlined experience that reduces administration costs, accelerates workflows, drives patient engagement, and makes it easier for providers to focus on care. To learn more, visit the provider portal.

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Less Work, More Care

As healthcare continues to change, Marpai brings the most advanced AI to help providers adapt and grow. Through our SMART system, Marpai delivers:

SMART Claims Adjudication

No one pays better or faster than the Marpai SMART system.

Less administration

Marpai’s SMART approach makes it a leader in quick and efficient claims processing, as our claims adjudication process uses Deep Learning to rapidly identify issues, resolve errors and accelerate processing. The myMarpai SMART app further speeds up administration times by providing a digital health ID card and the ability to book appointments and follow-ups within the app. For faster service, providers can also submit claims electronically on

Responsive customer service

Use the portal to instantly validate eligibility, rapidly process claims, check claims status and find answers. Our SMART system, which knows you and can answer your specific needs, is available and responsive 24/7.

Meet new patient demands

Marpai is the answer to the demands of today’s patient for quality, savings and personalized service. Our intuitive myMarpai SMART app (coming soon) orders prescriptions, tracks deductibles, shows policy coverage, holds data and records, and anticipates patient needs. Plus, friendly nudges encourage the use of benefits, so patients get the most out of their plan.

Quality Care On-Screen

We encourage members to use our telehealth services and access “in-the-moment” care guidance and on-screen expertise from in-network providers.

More Patients, More Insights

Marpai turns any health plan into a SMART plan that delivers a proactive and preventative experience — and increases patient volume.

Marpai’s FutureSight Advantage analyzes claims and member data to enable the early detection of chronic illnesses and possible major procedures. It guides members based on this data so they can visit a provider and get ahead of potential health problems.

The myMarpai SMART app also anticipates member needs and proactively nudges members to make annual exams and follow-up appointments.

Our medically-trained Care Guides work with members facing complex challenges to provide education, decision support, and assistance in mapping the best journey across the care continuum.

What Makes Us So SMART

Marpai is a world leader in Deep Learning, the most advanced AI. At Marpai Labs, AI data scientists work with top healthcare providers to build models and algorithms that improve outcomes and reduce costs. Learn more about how our Deep Learning technology improves the healthcare experience across the board.

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True Care Runs Deep

At Marpai, we care about providers. Our SMART system delivers tech-enabled benefits that put providers ahead. In the future, we anticipate that our Deep Learning capabilities will reduce the administrative burden, increase patient engagement, and support greater health outcomes even further.

Visit the myMarpai provider portal to learn more.

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