A Smarter Health Plan Experience

Marpai is the first to bring deep learning, the most advanced artificial intelligence, to health plans to radically reduce costs, accelerate workflows, improve patient outcomes and simplify the health plan experience for all. As patients demand more in our new world of health, Marpai delivers. We meet all the demands for the tech-enabled conveniences, so providers can focus more on patient care.

Our SMART Healthcare Services System is a fully integrated, end-to-end health ecosystem connecting providers, members and employers in a streamlined experience that reduces administration, accelerates workflows, claims processing, eliminates excesses and inefficiencies while driving patient volume and engagement.

From rising demands for telehealth, data-driven decision making and app-based transactions, we provide new services and capabilities to meet changing patient needs while also delivering new benefits to providers.

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Gains in Efficiency and Productivity

Our SMART Healthcare Services System automates processes, including claims adjudication, eliminates errors and creates new efficiencies that radically reduce provider administration demands. Our deep learning analyzes all data, catching every outlier, anomaly and strange pattern to prevent delays and errors. It also matches patients with providers to drive the volume that drives your business. This SMART system allows Marpai to provide responsive 24/7 provider service across multiple channels so you can get your questions answered fast. The end result? Less work, fewer frustrations, more time for care delivery.

More Engaged Patients

Our SMART system produces insights that give patients a deeper understanding of their health and delivers a new, empowering experience that creates greater engagement. We make it easy for patients to know what they need to know and the right actions to take across the care continuum. This results in more patients seeing more providers more often and with more knowledge, which means providers can deliver the care that leads to greater outcomes.

What Makes Us So Smart?

Marpai is a world leader in deep learning, the most advanced AI. Marpai Labs is a deep learning pioneer where renowned AI data scientists work with top healthcare providers to build models and algorithms that improve outcomes and reduce costs. The deep learning capability analyzes the most comprehensive structured and unstructured data, including claims, electronic health records, X-rays, lab results, notes, social determinants, provider ratings, and Marpai SMART system data to yield valuable insights.

No other health plan has this kind of technology or the ability to analyze more data and yield more insights than Marpai, opening remarkable new possibilities for helping providers, like you, improve patient care.

True Care Runs Deep

The new world of consumer-driven health poses new challenges for providers. Marpai was created to empower members to live better through better health in this ever-changing world while enabling providers and employers to advance as well.

We use deep learning for deep solutions. With an increase in patient demand for real-time data, telehealth, lower cost solutions and more satisfying healthcare experiences, Marpai delivers. Our AI provides the behind-the-scenes power that makes it all possible. And, as the SMART system collects more and more data, it’s able to continually accelerate processes, guide patient choices and eliminate costly administration, which helps the providers we partner with to flourish.

To learn more, visit the provider portal.

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