A Life Journey Is A Health Journey

Marpai powers your employer health plan with the most advanced technologies to get the most out of life.

You’ve Got A
Lot Of Living To Do

It’s a transformative experience to be able to live your life looking forward. Life’s most treasured moments come from our ability to be optimistic about the future — to imagine “what will be”. There are still wishes to come true, dreams to be realized, opportunities to be welcomed, and possibilities to be embraced. The SMART health plan from your employer is a tool that helps you live fully today and tomorrow. Be sure to know and use your health benefits.

Meet the Early Bird

Marpai is the health plan services firm chosen by your employer to make the employer health plan SMART. We are here to make it easy for you to stay healthy and spend less on health care. We are your “go to” for anything related to your employer health plan. We issue your health ID card, review and pay claims, provide customer service, give you access to quality providers and more. Think of us as a trusted guide on your health journey.

Exclusive Services
Make It Easy

Marpai uses advanced technology to bring you services you won’t find elsewhere. We help you to stay ahead of your health, access top quality care, avoid overpriced and low-quality providers and stay on track with annual appointments. Good health never felt better.

“There is so much waste, abuse, fraud and neglect…people don’t care about your client’s claims dollars…but the difference is Marpai does care.”

Adam Russo, Founder and CEO of The Phia Group

Access The Best
And Never Overpay

Marpai TopCare Advisors guide you to high quality in-network providers including specialists ranked in the top 10% for quality, safety and patient satisfaction. No more guesswork! Costs for the same procedure can vary 1000% between in-network providers. Our Advisors let you know the top quality, fair priced options available. You can request a TopCare Provider by calling the number on your ID card or by using the myMarpai SMART app or portal.

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Good Health In
The Palm Of Your Hand

The myMarpai SMART app is like a GPS for your health, helping you get to where you need to go. Show your digital health ID card. Track spending and deductibles. See your benefits. View claims. Access telehealth. Manage family care. It’s all just a click away.

Knowledge Is
Power In Health

Marpai keeps you informed. Enjoy the SMART Health Insights monthly newsletter, helpful content on the myMarpai.com member portal, digital reminders and announcements and online informative sessions. It’s part of how we help you know more about your health and use your health benefits.

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We Are In
Your Corner

Visit the member portal to view benefits, spending, deductibles, your health ID card and more. Read member FAQ’s. Call customer service using the number on your health ID card with questions. We know healthcare can be confusing. Let us make it easier for you.

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