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We turn your health plan into an all-in-one empowerment tool that makes it
easy to do the right things at the right time when it comes to your health.

We turn your health plan into an all-in-one empowerment tool that makes it easy to do the right things at the right time when it comes to your health.

Good Health Never Felt Better

Our SMART technology goes deep to meet your unique needs and enable you to do things you never could before — all so you can live better.

We look over the horizon to identify future health insights so that you can prevent or reduce chronic illness and major procedures. Our SMART technology makes it easy for you to access best-in-class care 24/7, take advantage of your benefits, monitor spending, never miss an appointment, and so much more. Good health never felt better.

Marpai TopCare

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FutureSight Advantage

Marpai uses Deep Learning as a window into your overall health. With our approach, you will receive insights about possible future medical conditions so that you can detect and treat illnesses early — protecting your health, avoiding costly major procedures, and saving you money.

TopCare™ Saves Money and Delivers Best Results

Our TopCare feature guides you to the top 10% of the most qualified healthcare providers — which has been proven to save you money and deliver the best results.We analyze reputable industry data on provider quality, safety, and patient satisfaction ratings to show you the top providers for in-office visits, telehealth services, medical facilities, and retail health centers.

World Class Provider Networks Mean Quality Care

Marpai puts members first, and that means providing access to the highest-quality healthcare provider networks.


Care Guides Give the Help You Really Need

When healthcare becomes complicated with hard-to-understand conditions, bills, and treatment options, our Care Guides are here to help.

Marpai Care Guides are experts in disease areas that include cancer, pediatrics, cardiology, and orthopedics. They are trained to work with you in a sensitive manner to break things down, explore your options, help you make good decisions, and choose the best care journey. They also help with discharge plans and managing your treatment across providers.

Telehealth For Quality Care On-Screen

Sometimes, you just need to know something about a health issue now, or perhaps you don’t want to make an office visit. Marpai connects you to top-quality telehealth providers who can answer your questions and give you “in-the-moment” guidance right on-screen. Just reach out to our contact center to connect with the right providers, no matter where you are.

The myMarpai SMART App Takes Care of You

The myMarpai SMART app is like a personal health GPS — it always keeps you moving in the right direction. Never overspend, miss an appointment, forget an address, misplace your Health ID card, or lose track of your deductibles. With easy-to-use tools, insights about your health, and friendly reminders, the myMarpai SMART app takes care of you. Coming soon.

No more wondering:
• Is your favorite doctor in-network?
• What’s covered and what’s not?
• How much have I spent toward my deductible?
• Is my yoga class covered?

We can help you find the right provider based on location, participation, and quality of care, and will estimate your out-of-pocket expenses. Connect with us here.

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You’ve got a lot of living to do

It’s a transformative experience to be able to live your life looking forward. Life’s most treasured moments come from our ability to be optimistic about the future — to imagine “what will be.” There are still wishes to come true, dreams to be realized, opportunities to be welcomed, and possibilities to be embraced. Most of all, there is so much more life to be lived.

Your SMART health plan is a health empowerment tool that helps you live fully today and create a better you for tomorrow. You’ve got a lot of living to do. Marpai. What will be.

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