Live Better, Stay Strong
Spend Less on Healthcare

Live Better, Stay Strong
Spend Less on Healthcare

Live Better, Stay Strong
Spend Less on Healthcare

Our Technology Makes It Easy

Using advanced technologies, Marpai (Mar-pay) makes it easy for you to get the most from your employer-sponsored health insurance benefit plan, access top quality care and avoid excessive health costs. With Marpai behind your employer health plan, you have the tools to live better through better health, and achieve every what will be you dream about in your future.

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Exclusive Features to Help You Prosper

Enjoy exclusive Marpai features to get ahead. With our advanced technology, we uncover proactive health opportunities and intervene early so you can avoid costly near-term health events. We protect you from overpriced, low-quality care by guiding you to high value in-network providers. We automatically help you stay on track with annual health visits and simplify everything with the myMarpai SMART app.

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It’s Like A GPS
For Your Health

With just a click you can show your digital health ID card, track spending and deductibles, see benefit plan information, view claims, access telehealth, manage family care and more. The power of good health is in the palm of your hand.

Know More, Feel Great, Spend Less

We aim to deliver the ultimate health plan experience so you can live better through better health. When your employer chooses Marpai to power the company health plan, they’ve chosen to give you the best – a SMART health plan that improves your health and care quality while protecting you from excessive and avoidable costs. Good health never felt better.

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We’ve Got You
Under Our Wing

When you have your health, you have everything – you can be anything. What will you be? Well, with Marpai in your pocket, every what will be is up to you.

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