SAVE lives. IMPROVE lives and radically REDUCE health care spending.

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Who We Are

Marpai (Mar-pay) is a publicly traded (MRAI, Nasdaq) technology company transforming third party administration (TPA) of self-funded employer health plans. As an AI-powered TPA, we go far beyond traditional TPA services to create the healthiest member population with the greatest cost efficiency for any health plan budget. Learn more from our CEO.

AI-powered Health Plan Administration

Marpai provides standard TPA services including access to top provider networks (e.g., Aetna, Cigna), claims processing, plan design, cost containment, compliance and analytics. In addition, our AI-powered system uses machine learning and deep learning to drive efficient operations, extract savings and maximize health outcomes for the member population.

Healthiest health plan members

We take a proactive, targeted, personalized approach to maximizing health outcomes for the member population. We directly engage members as trusted partners.  We proactively implement targeted interventions, fill gaps in care and connect members to proven clinical solutions (backed by quality and outcome data) to improve outcomes.

Savings for members and health plans

We go beyond traditional cost containment strategies to generate significant savings for employers and health plan members. Our technology creates efficiencies, removes cost excesses across the system and helps members steer clear of avoidable, low quality and overpriced care. Our Clinical Care Management team and Pharmacy Advocates guide members so they get the right high-quality care and medications in the most affordable way. 

The technology difference

Our technology drives our success. It provides the opportunity to change cost and outcome models in healthcare. At Marpai Labs, our R&D center, teams of data scientists and clinicians work together to pioneer transformative solutions.

Meet the team transforming
self-funded healthcare

We are leaders in technology, third party administration, self-funded employer healthcare and clinical care working together to reimagine and redesign the employer health plan to create healthier lives with the greatest cost efficiency.

Yaron Eitan
Co-Founder and Chairman

Edmundo Gonzalez
Co-Founder and CEO

Lutz Finger
President, Product & Development

Gonen Antebi

Yoram Bibring

Our Values

Healthcare is all about people. We maintain the highest quality standards across our operations and interactions, and are dedicated above all to the people who entrust us with their health.

Members First: Our number one priority is meeting the current and future needs of every health plan member.

Kindness: We act with a generous, helpful spirit as we engage others with mindful care and respect.

Integrity: We operate with a moral compass driven by honesty, honor, and truthfulness and carry full responsibility for all that we do.

Delightful Experience: Our products and services are designed to deliver a simple, intuitive, personalized, responsive experience that exceeds expectations.

Technology Leadership: We maintain leadership and continually invest in our Deep Learning expertise and capabilities to better improve health, reduce costs, and open new possibilities.

Privacy: We fiercely guard and protect everyone’s data to ensure it stays private.

Leader in Health Tech: Marpai is a publicly traded company on the Nasdaq stock exchange. For more information, visit our investor relations website.