Save lives, improve lives, radically reduce healthcare spending.


We are the SMART health plan company using Deep Learning, the most advanced artificial intelligence, to empower people to live better, stay strong and spend less on healthcare.

Our SMART Health Plan Services System addresses the problems of healthcare past and fuels the new consumer-driven world by empowering patients with new, proactive abilities. We believe Deep Learning provides the best capability to create healthier people and stronger companies by making care more affordable, effective, accessible, convenient and easy to understand. Our SMART system makes it possible for health plan members to do things they could never do before:

  • Avert and reduce chronic conditions and costly procedures
  • Access best quality providers including telehealth and retail health centers
  • Take the best health journey with expert guidance
  • Take actions from the myMarpai SMART app that provides friendly reminders, point-and click transactions and saves money

With our SMART system, we enable companies to provide better healthcare to employees and significantly reduce administration, reinsurance and care costs.

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Our Leadership Team

Marpai is run by visionary leaders in technology, health insurance and health delivery who are transforming healthcare by transforming a healthcare tool held by 64% of Americans – the self-insured employer health plan.

Yaron Eitan
Yaron EitanCo-Founder & Chairman
Edmundo Gonzalez
Edmundo GonzalezCo-Founder & CEO
Ronnie Brown
Ronnie BrownChief Operating Officer
Eli David, PhD.
Eli David, PhD.Co-Founder & Chief Science Advisor
Yoram Bibring
Yoram BibringChief Financial Officer
Herb King
Herb KingChief Information Officer
Art Hoath
Art HoathChief Revenue Officer
Alice Roth
Alice RothPresident, Marpai Labs
Betsy Knorr
Betsy KnorrChief Strategy Officer

“Our work saves lives, improves lives, builds stronger companies and is changing how people approach their health.”

Edmundo Gonzalez, CEO Marpai Health

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To us, healthcare comes down to people. Our role is to better inform, empower and enable people to live better lives through better health. We operate with a high trust, high care company culture to empathetically meet the needs of the people who entrust us with their health.

Members First: Our number one priority is meeting the needs and desires of every health plan member.

Kindness: We act in a spirit of generous, empathetic helpfulness and engage others with mindful care and respect.

Integrity: We operate with a moral compass driven by honesty, honor, and truthfulness and carry the full responsibility for all that we do.

Delightful Experience: The myMarpai SMART app, along with all our products and services, is designed to deliver a simple, personalized, responsive experience that exceeds expectations.

AI Leadership: We maintain and invest in our Deep Learning leadership and continue to develop models and algorithms to improve health, reduce costs, and open new possibilities.

Privacy Protection: We fiercely guard and protect everyone’s data to ensure it stays private.

Marpai is a world leader in Deep Learning, the most advanced AI. Marpai Labs is a Deep Learning pioneer where renowned AI data scientists work with top healthcare providers to build models and algorithms that improve outcomes and reduce costs. The Deep Learning capability analyzes the most comprehensive structured and unstructured data, including claims, electronic health records, X-rays, lab results, notes, social determinants, provider ratings, and Marpai SMART system data to yield valuable insights.

No other health plan has this kind of technology or the ability to analyze more data and yield more insights than Marpai. The possibilities are endless.


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