The SMART Health Plan for the New World

Marpai is the world’s first and only SMART Health Plan Services System that uses deep learning, the most advanced artificial intelligence, to open a whole new world of healthcare by empowering members to live better, stay strong and spend less.

Marpai helps build stronger self-insured companies by delivering a new kind of health plan that today’s employees are demanding and which also delivers a stronger bottom line that is long overdue.

Only Marpai addresses the shift to consumer-driven healthcare by empowering members to do things they could never do before to drive their own health. Marpai helps members avert and reduce the onset of chronic health conditions and major procedures, access top quality providers and stay on the best health journey. This is what lowers healthcare costs and improves outcomes.

Marpai’s SMART system liberates employers from the shackles of a broken system to reduce risk and radically reduce costs. Only Marpai provides future cost predictions with full transparency to reduces stop-loss premiums and uncover opportunities to save money. With SMART end-to-end integration, Marpai automates processes, eliminates cost fraud and excesses, accelerates workflows (including claims adjudication) and creates efficiencies that save money.

At Marpai, we help employers get ahead and meet the changing demands of employees and their families.

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Our SMART Health Plan Offers More

FutureSight Advantage

We map the future health state of every member to discover insights for early intervention on chronic conditions and costly procedures. This allows members to take proactive steps today to avoid problems tomorrow and helps employers look ahead to future health costs with 100% transparency to reduce stop-loss premiums and uncover cost-savings opportunities.


We recommend the top 10% of in-network providers so members can access the best quality care at affordable rates. This has been proven to produce greater outcomes and lower costs by reducing costly ER visits, re-admissions and unnecessary procedures.

Medically Trained Care Guides

Our guides are care experts who work with members to simplify complex care and map the best health journey across the continuum.


This personal digital assistant takes care of members and makes it easy for them to more fully engage in their care and overall health. They can book appointments, order prescriptions, track deductibles and more. With friendly nudges, reminders, and alerts, Marpai makes good health part of everyday life.


Enjoy the benefits of the most advanced AI-powered health ecosystem that helps members, employers and providers support better health outcomes and spend less in simple, personalized, experience. Learn More

The Ultimate Discovery System

No health plan analyzes more data or yields more insights than Marpai. With the power of deep learning, the most advanced artificial intelligence, our SMART system processes comprehensive data including claims, social determinants, images, lab results and notes to yield actionable insights for reducing costs and improving outcomes. Marpai analyzes every bit and byte to uncover opportunities to save time and money and eliminate costly excesses and errors.

Marpai’s SMART system is an integrated and adaptive system that collects huge amounts of data from members and providers and uses that data to continually improve service and performance. This data yields insights to improve plan design, member engagement and cost-effective care guidance.

With SMART end-to-end automation, Marpai’s system accelerates workflows, rapidly adjudicates claims, identifies and resolves errors, creates efficiencies, and provides 24/7 responsive service.

This deep-learning ecosystem is the reason why Marpai can deliver the ultimate health plan experience.

Platinum Quality Networks for Quality Service

We ally with world-class national provider networks to give employers unmatched quality, flexibility, and value for each member.

Plus, we provide reference-based pricing solutions for cost control, as well as customized networks and direct contracting for employers seeking those alternatives.

Custom Options for Your Customized Plan

We know that just like every person is unique, every company is unique. That’s why we provide unique health programs that no other health plan provider can match. You select the programs you want to offer, for a custom healthcare package that fits your company’s and employee’s needs.  Check out just a few of the offerings available from our expansive portfolio.

  • Cancer Care: A holistic approach, not just treating the disease, but its extended impact—from diagnosis to recovery

  • Diabetes Prevention: Lifestyle habits to prevent type 2 diabetes

  • GIThrive: A healthier lifestyle through treating gastrointestinal issues

  • Healthy Heart: Improve total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, and prevent heart disease

  • Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby: Support for healthy pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum care

  • Healthy Weight: Lifestyle changes to achieve long-term weight loss

  • Orthobiologics: Helps members recover faster from orthopedic procedures

  • Mental Health: Support for stress, anxiety, grief and depression

  • Pharmacy Care: Best-in-class pharmacy pricing, data-driven analyses to ensure appropriate therapy and minimize risk

  • Tobacco Cessation: Helps members quit smoking and make the commitment last

More Value Plus More ROI

No one goes beyond Marpai’s excellence in health plan administration. Our member-first, data-guided, results-driven, customized approach with 100% cost transparency drives your ROI.

Our deep and detailed performance reports are unmatched and reveal ways to optimize plan design to ensure you’re getting the best value.

We mediate with hospitals, doctors, and partners to address questionable and duplicate claims, sticky issues and to reduce all risk of exposure while ensuring your plan members receive the care they need.

The Health Plan That Builds Healthier Companies

When it comes to our health, what will be is up to each of us. We can be proactive, or we can wait and see what the future holds. In running a company, many lives depend on the decisions you make, especially when it comes to healthcare.

Marpai is the first to open the door to a new world of healthcare, where the power members are demanding is finally put in their hands and where companies have the insights and tools they need to drive plan ROI.

Our SMART Health Plan Services System takes away the risk and mystery associated with healthcare plans and gives you the knowledge, technology and insights you need.

Our mission is to save lives, improve lives and radically reduce healthcare spending by all.

Join us. Together, we can make your employees and your company the best they can be.

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