We ensure the best outcomes, plan designs, and ROI, all while reducing costs
and increasing member engagement.

a new kind of health care experience

By using the most advanced artificial intelligence, Marpai builds stronger self-insured companies by ensuring the best outcomes, plan designs, and ROI, all while reducing costs and increasing member engagement.

Our proprietary SMART Health Plan Services System allows us to go beyond traditional plan administration to deliver a new kind of health plan experience. The Marpai system enables you and your employees to do things you could never do before by creating healthier lives and spending less on healthcare.

With Marpai, your SMART health plan:

  • Reduces costs in four ways: by lowering healthcare costs, reinsurance costs, claims costs, and administration costs
  • Drives greater member engagement by delivering a personalized, responsive and proactive experience that empowers members to live better and spend less
  • Provides data-driven insights with cost transparency from the SMART system to drive better plan design and uncover more cost savings
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What will be.


Using Deep Learning, the most advanced AI, Marpai is able to produce insights and automate processes so that you can access advantages never before available to health plans. This system is currently being utilized by a subset of our clients and will be available to all by January 1 renewals.

FutureSight Advantage

We use Deep Learning to analyze pre-adjudicated claims data in order to anticipate the future health conditions of our members and reveal emerging needs. We use this early detection system to reach out to members and encourage proactive interventions so they can reduce and even eliminate chronic conditions and costly procedures. We also use this data to provide future cost and event predictions so that employers can reduce stop-loss premiums and risk.


We guide members to the top 10% of in-network providers based on reputable third-party ratings on safety, quality, and satisfaction. This method has proven to produce better health outcomes and lower costs.

Care Guides

Our medically-trained guides are experts in areas including cancer, orthopedics, pediatrics, and cardiovascular disease. They work with members to simplify complex care by providing education, as well as the decision support needed to make the right choices and map out the best care journey. This reduces costly errors and improves outcomes.

myMarpai SMART App

This SMART assistant acts as a health GPS, guiding members in the right direction with friendly alerts and reminders. The myMarpai SMART app makes it easy to book appointments, order prescriptions, track deductibles, see what’s covered, and more. Plus, friendly nudges encourage the use of benefits, so members get the most out of their plan. Coming Soon.

SMART System

Our SMART end-to-end automation with Deep Learning capabilities processes claims better and helps detect and eliminate excess, abuse, and fraud. This automation also powers a seamless experience that connects employers, providers, and members. Our system delivers service that is responsive 24/7, analyzes data to yield valuable insights, accelerates workflows, and creates more time for your company by creating efficiencies. See how it works.

Best In Class Benefits

We strive for excellence in delivering innovative programs and products to optimize health, engagement, and outcomes.

SMART Health Plans Reduce Costs Four Ways

Unlike traditional TPAs, Marpai doesn’t simply administrate. Our SMART system turns any health plan into a SMART health plan, and that creates four pathways to cost reduction by:

  1. Reducing Healthcare Costs: With a focus on driving member behavior, our proactive SMART health plan experience makes it easy for members to do the right thing at the right time. Working with the most qualified providers to stay healthy and prevent future issues has been proven to radically reduce costs.
  2. Reducing Stop Loss Premiums: By mapping the future health conditions of your members, we show the possible health events on the horizon in order to help reduce costly stop-loss premiums.
  3. Reducing Claims Excesses: With SMART claims adjudication, we are able to read and analyze all the data available to us, which reduces abuse, fraud, and costly errors.
  4. Reducing Administrative Costs: With SMART end-to-end automation, we eliminate manual processing, rapidly resolve errors, create efficiencies, and accelerate workflows — all of which saves employers money.

The Ultimate Discovery System for the Best ROI

No health plan administrator analyzes more data or yields more valuable insights than Marpai.

With the power of Deep Learning, our SMART system can process all types of data, including claims, social determinants, images, lab results, and notes. This provides actionable insights for you that reduce costs and improve outcomes. With the FutureSight Advantage, our SMART system helps detect and prevent health conditions that include:

Cardiovascular Disease
VTE (Venous Thromboembolism)
Kidney Disease
Knee high-cost imaging
Knee arthroscopy
Knee replacement

We are currently developing models to address 50 of the most costly areas in which proactive health interventions will make a difference.

Platinum Quality Networks for Superior Care

We ally with world-class national provider networks to give employers unmatched quality, flexibility, and value for each member. Plus, we provide reference-based pricing solutions for cost control, as well as customized networks and direct contracting for employers seeking those alternatives.


Specialty Health Programs to Customize Your Plan

With Marpai, you can choose programs to create a custom healthcare package that meets the needs of your company and employees. We offer a wide range of world-class health programs.

Best in Class Plan Administration

No one surpasses Marpai’s excellence in health plan administration. Our member-first, data-guided, results-driven, customized approach goes deep. We focus on continuity of care, drive digital engagement with members and providers, and deliver the data and insights you need for the best plan ROI. Learn More

SMART Plans Build Healthier Companies

As the leaders of a company, we know that your employee’s health and quality of care are important to you. Marpai’s technology turns your health plan into a SMART one — so that your employees can live better, stay strong, and spend less on healthcare. What’s more, Marpai also gives you the savings, knowledge, technology, and insights you need for the best plan ROI. Together, we can make your employees and your company the best they can be today and tomorrow.

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