Empower Healthier Lives, Reduce Costs and Simplify with AI

Marpai’s advanced tech platform processes colossal data (structured and unstructured) to produce predictive algorithms, insights and member interventions to advance members, employers and providers.

Make Any Health Plan SMART

With Deep Learning, the most advanced artificial intelligence, health plans becomes SMART to the absolute benefit of all. SMART plans predict future health states to prevent illness, elevate care quality, fill gaps in care and ultimately protect every member’s health and well-being – which ends up costing everyone less.

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Be the Early Bird

Leverage Marpai’s advanced tech platform to get ahead of it all. Early interventions prevent and reduce chronic illness and costly health events. Proactive outreach guides members to top quality providers and keeps them on track. SMART automation eliminates cost excesses and inefficiencies. Cost predictions with transparency deliver reduced Stop Loss premiums.

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Predict. Prevent. Protect.

Deep learning produces deeper knowledge and understanding of what it means to be well and stay well. With it, we predict, prevent and protect members – the three Ps of good healthcare. Predict health issues before they can become bigger problems. Prevent problems by activating members with friendly reminders that keep them on the right health journey. Protect lives by empowering members to stay ahead of and on top of their health. AI that leads to healthier plan members and a healthier company bottom line.

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Empower Healthier Lives

An AI-powered a health plan delivers a personalized, intuitive experience for members that makes it easy at every stage of the health journey — from wellness to critical care and recovery.


Uncover Hidden Health Needs

Right now, health plan members are walking around unaware that a chronic illness or major procedure might be on their near-term horizon. We identify near-term needs and connect members with the right top provider who can help them take action to prevent, reduce and best manage the condition.

  • Predict Near Term Health Risk
  • Proactively Intervene

  • Guide to a Top Provider

  • Avert Suffering and Exorbitant Medial Bills


Let Members Access the Best

Marpai’s AI directs members the to the top 10% of in-network local providers based on independent quality, safety and satisfaction ratings. This has proven to improve outcomes and reduce unnecessary costs and procedures.

  • AI Knows Member Needs

  • Guides Member to Top 10% Providers

  • Reduces Costs and Improves outcomes


Proactive Engagement Drives Healthier Lives

With digital nudges, friendly reminders and lots of inspiring encouragement, Marpai empowers members do all the right things at the time with the right providers to stay healthy and live well.

  • Members Stay on Track

  • Members Receive Encouraging Nudges and Reminders

  • Members Get Inspired to be Proactive vs. Reactive with their Health

Better Manage Risk, Reduce Costs, Discover New Insights​

Enjoy the advantage of constantly collecting and analyzing data from members, providers and employers to uncover insights for greater costs savings, member engagement and plan design. With cost transparency, future visibility, and advanced analytics, you lean into the future and stay ahead.

Deep Learning Brings AI Power

Deep learning is the most advanced artificial intelligence. It mimics the human brain and directly processes structured and unstructured data. In the past 5 years, Deep Learning has grown exponentially. It now performs many tasks faster and better than humans, which is why it is a boon to healthcare. Deep Learning processes ALL data – words, images, sounds. It sees patterns that people can miss to yield new learnings. It collects data from many places to deeply learn a member’s needs and preferences and anticipate the future. By building predictive algorithms, it has the power to save lives and change lives. It is one empowering technology.

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We are Constantly Innovating

New technologies and strategies deliver significant advantages for your clients.

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