Our SMART Technology

By utilizing deep learning, Marpai achieves the dual goals of lowering the cost of claims for self-insured companies and maintaining excellent healthcare outcomes for members. We generate and collect troves of data from all aspects of our business, including healthcare claims, member engagement, internal operations, and customer experience. We systematically apply intelligent automation and AI to delight our end users, improve healthcare outcomes, and lower costs.

We use artificial intelligence in virtually every part of our business, including within our core systems as a third party administrator. These components include:

  • Claims management that enables accurate auto-adjudication of most claims, which reduces our operating costs and increases our operating efficiency. This also includes detecting and flagging suspicious claims before final adjudication.
  • Member engagement and self-service options via an intuitive and easy-to-use application, which also lowers the cost to serve employers and allows members to interact with us as often as they wish. We present the best providers in terms of quality and costs in a manner that is centered around the member’s needs and geography.
  • Care management with high-impact prediction via new, innovative AI modules, which helps us manage the overall cost of claims for our clients.
  • Continuous provider quality tracking enables us to identify the best providers as well as their usual and customary practices and related costs.
  • Smart plan design including cost optimization, performance monitoring, and risk prediction.