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Marpai is the AI-powered TPA alternative using the most advanced technologies to drive member health up and costs down for self-insured employer health plans.

“We have a bold vision. As our technology grows, we aim to cut healthcare costs in half for self-insured plans while significantly improving member health.”

Edmundo Gonzalez
CEO Marpai

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Our Mission

Save lives, improve lives and radically reduce health care spending.

How Advanced AI Advances
the Health of a Company

We make health plan SMART, so employers can achieve the highest value for the employer health plan dollar. Beyond providing best-in-class TPA services, we provide exclusive AI-powered features designed to elevate care quality, reduce claims costs and lower stop loss premiums. Our proprietary deep learning algorithms and clinical bill review help prevent costly events and claims. Our TopCare Advisors help members choose high-value in-network providers so they avoid low-quality, overpriced care. Our myMarpai SMART app and digital tools make it easy for members to stay on the best care journey.

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“I think using AI and predictive analytics to identify health issues early and mitigate developing conditions finally has its moment in the health care industry.  It will change lives and save a lot of money without cost-shifting to members.”

Vincent Kane, Health Care Actuary and Industry Expert

Predict and Prosper

At our R&D center, Marpai Labs, a top team of  data scientists is building proprietary deep learning algorithms and SMART technologies to improve employer health plans. The deep learning predictive models enable early interventions that help prevent costly claims. SMART technologies help eliminate errors, fraud and abuse in claims processing. With a $50MM+ tech platform and guidance from Marpai co-founder and Chief Scientist   Dr. Eli David (renowned leader in deep learning), Marpai is pioneering advanced technologies that are changing the cost and outcome models in health care.

Meet the Team Transforming Health Plan Administration

We are a passionate team of technologists, data scientists, health insurance and health benefits experts, healthcare providers, and behavioral change engineers working to save lives, improve lives and radically reduce healthcare spending.

Meet Our Team
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“With Marpai you have the opportunity to partner with some of the most forward-thinking pioneers in the industry and truly pave the way for healthier lives and lower costs.”

Ronnie Brown
Chief Operating Officer

What Sets Marpai Apart?

Leader in AI Predictive Analytics

Marpai uses Deep Learning, the most advanced AI, to predict significant near term health events for members to help prevent suffering, protect lives and avert costly claims. These predictions show employers what’s ahead, which reduces risk and can lower stop loss premiums.

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Proprietary Deep Learning Algorithms

Marpai Labs builds proprietary deep learning models to predict near term health events related to chronic illness (like Type 2 Diabetes, COPD) and major procedures (like knee surgery).

Marpai Cares: Predict, Prevent, Protect

Marpai predictive algorithms activate early intervention by  URAC certified clinicians who work with members to insure the best care journey.

Marpai TopCare Advisors: Eliminates Guesswork and Excessive Costs

TopCare Advisors guide members to top quality in-network providers that are appropriate for their needs and do not have excessive fees.

Filling Gaps in Care

Timely personalized text and emails keep members on track for annual exams, vaccinations and screenings.

PBM’s that Save

PBM solutions that keep it simple and help everyone save.


With just a click members can show ID card, track costs, see claims, view benefits and more.

Premium Health Partners

An ecosystem of best-in-class innovative health solutions for next generation care including telehealth, genetic screening and surgical alternatives.

Empowering Member Engagement

With digital tools, exciting content and ongoing connection we empower members to use their health benefits and make healthy choices.

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Cost Containment

Aggressive strategies to save including specialty RBP solutions (dual option, hybrid, full replacement, out-of-network) that can deliver an average savings of $2500 PEPY.

Clinical Bill Review

Clinicians review pre-certs and TopCare Advisors guide members to the right, best high-value care solutions to eliminate excessive costs and elevate care quality.

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SMART Claims Processing

Beyond rigorous adjudication, our technology is developing to use AI to eliminate fraud, waste, and abuse in claims processing.


An industry-leading team keeps you ahead of new legislation and provides guidance for cost-effective adherence.

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