Small Business Advantage

With AI-powered features and top Third Party Administrator (TPA) services, Marpai makes employer health benefit plans, healthier.

Small-Mid Size Businesses Access AI-Powered Health Plan Services

In the last two decades, employer costs for health benefits have more than tripled. Faced with volatile and ever-increasing health plan costs and limited options, most small and mid-sized employers have either cut benefits, shifted costs to employees, or paid up. Year after year, employee coverage has been eroding along with employer profits. Marpai provides exclusive AI-powered SMART health plan services designed to drive member health up, elevate quality care, reduce costly claims and overpriced care, and simplify everything.

The SMART TPA Alternative

Beyond providing best in class Third Party Administrator (TPA) services, Marpai provides exclusive tech-enabled features designed to reduce claims cost (#1 plan cost), lower stop loss insurance premiums (#2 plan cost) and drive member behavior (#1 cost driver).

Switch from Fully-Insured to Self-Insured and Save

According to a 2021 Kaiser Family Foundation study, 64% of U.S. employees with employer-sponsored health insurance are in self-insured plans.1 Most businesses with 200 or more employees are self-insured, with 82% of covered workers at these businesses enrolled in self-insured health plans. Among businesses with fewer than 200 employees, however, just 21% of covered workers are in self-insured plans (this is up from 13% in 2018, but a little lower than it was in 2020).1   Most small and mid-sized companies use fully insured health plans like Anthem, Blue Cross or Aetna which command high premiums. Increasingly, small to mid-size companies are switching from a fully -insured health plan to self-insured health plan model which can deliver up to 25% cost savings in the first year.

Self-funded employer health plans offer greater flexibility as plans can be custom designed to meet the unique health needs of the employee population.

TPA for Small and Medium Sized Business Needs

Marpai is a  SMART Third Party Administrator (TPA) with focused solutions for small and medium sized businesses including exclusive AI-Powered services.  Marpai makes it easy to have a self-insured plan and delivers high value for every dollar spent.

  • Best in Class Third Party Administration: Claims adjudication, top provider networks including Aetna and Cigna, cost containment strategies, pharmacy benefit management (PBM) solutions, compliance, population health programs, customized plan design, performance analytics, account management and best in class customer service.

  • Exclusive AI-Powered Health Plan Services: Near term health event predictions with proactive member outreach to enable early intervention to prevent costly claims; guiding members to high quality, fair cost in-network providers; helping members maintain annual exams, screenings and vaccinations

  • SMART App: With just a click members can show their digital health ID card, track spending and deductibles, view benefits, see claims status, access telehealth, and manage family care.

  • Competitive Stop Loss Insurance: We provide stop loss insurance with A+ carriers to mitigate risk in the event of catastrophic claims.

  • Member Empowerment: Marpai empowers members to live better through better health with services including proactive health outreach, filling gaps in care, health tips newsletter, health plan literacy materials and a SMART app that makes everything easy.

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